So it begins…

Here I am folks.  Pen name Jenni Rose, here for your reading pleasure.

I thought I’d take an opportunity and start a blog.  I’d like a space where I get to share some of the interesting reads I find out there on the interwebs.  Between Wattpad, Amazon and a few other sites I’ve been on, there are some really great writers out there.  I’d love to be able to share them!

Not only that, I’d love to shamelessly plug my own works when I get a chance.  I figure, that’s where I’ll start. For now, shameless plug.  Next time, I’ll find you something fun and interesting to read. We’ll go from there.

And in the meantime, if you know of other sites that have free reads, good reads, great writers, or books I should check out – let me know! I’d love to get my hands on them!

BlindSpot is my feature work on Wattpad. It’s a new adult paranormal romance. Yeah – I like to make things complicated.   So far it’s gotten a really great response  from readers. They’ve been so kind with not just praise but critiques and helpful comments.

It most recently won a Brigade’s Award. The best part about this award is that it was voted on by the readers.  The Brigade Book Club is one of the best book clubs on Wattpad.  Every week writers in the club get matched with other writers and it creates a really positive environment where writers get invaluable feedback one their work.  If you’re a Wattpad writer and are looking for a great group – this is definitely one of them!

BlindSpot even won a Watty – which for those that don’t know – is like the Oscar’s of Wattpad. The odds are pretty long and the competition it stiff.  Like, 140,000 entries this year! It’s really an honor and one that has boosted my confidence as a writer immensely.  I’m still on cloud nine about it!

Back to the book…

Rosie, our heroine, is a medium.  As in, she sees ghosts. Living life as a recluse, Rosie accidentally gets roped into a friendship with her boss which is the last thing she’s looking for. Before she knows it she’s got a bestie, a protective surrogate older brother and a kind of boyfriend.

The only problem is, she doesn’t want any of these things.

Add into that the past the Rosie so desperately wants to keep secret, the ghosts that still torment her daily, and a warning that haunts her dreams and Rosie has her hands full.

If you’ve got time or are looking for a read – take a look!