Twenty Things Readers NEVER Know about a Character

Ah, Pinterest. Or, as I like to call it, the Rabbit Hole.

I have yet to peruse Pinterest for anything less than ten minutes since I first joined years ago. From home DIY projects, to recipes and fashion, its my go to for advice on just about everything!

I know you do it too. No shame – solidarity.

There’s also some seriously amazing writing tips to be found in Pinterest. I tend to pin most on my personal page, but I’ve started adding to my author page as well. Most recently, I pinned something that struck a chord.

You see, I’m a tad stuck in one of my books. A character that I used to feel so close to, so connected with, is now a stranger to me.

It happens. I know it does, but it sure makes writing anything really difficult.

Here’s the pin:

If you're struggling with writing a character...

Twenty things about my character that the reader will never know. Okay, I can do this. Here I go.

I know what you’re saying. But, Jenni, they’re supposed to be things the readers don’t know. They’re supposed to be a secret.

Okay, so, I’m cheating but I want to do this exercise. If you’re a writer, I want you to do this exercise. I NEED this to push me forward and adding more depth to my characters can’t hurt.

Twenty Things Readers Don’t Know About My Character:
(I’m working on Andy Walker – The h from my contemporary romance Forgiving History)

1. She always wanted to be a chef.

swedish chef banging on pots

2. She loves Jenna (her daughter) but doesn’t want any more children.

3. A few years ago she had a mole removed and had a small cancer scare. She never told anyone.

4. She didn’t learn to ride a bike until she was a teenager.

5. She was accepted to three different colleges but didn’t attend any of them.

6. She doesn’t enjoy reading. It gives her a headache.

7. She probably needs glasses but is too stubborn to admit it.

8. She is neither a dog nor a cat person.

9. She hates her car but hates car shopping even more.

10. She isn’t a huge fan of shopping in general.

11. She’s never had a cavity.

12. She’s hasn’t been to her mother’s grave since the day she was buried.

13. She has a poster of Justin Timberlake on the inside of her closet door. Not an old one.

14. As recently as the last six months, she and her twin sister Alex have traded places without anyone catching on.

15. She loves shoes. Especially shoes with heels.

16. She’s always wanted to try a big zip line. Like one of those awesome ones in Hawaii or the jungle they show on TV.

17. She’s never seen Grease. She has no regrets.

18. She likes being active but dislikes feeling like she’s working out.

19. She’s attempted to learn to knit at least ten times. She has yet to learn how to do more than stitch a straight line.

20. She loves to dance at weddings and is always the last one off the dance floor.

Well, there you have it. Twenty things none of us knew about Andy.

Give it a try – see if you feel like you’re any closer to understanding your character and that much closer to finishing your book!

Happy writing, my friends!

Jenni <3